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28 Documents
Graphics Hacks For the Tapper Arcade Game And OthersGraphics Hacking04 Dec 2016
How to Hack Experience LevelsMiscellaneous04 Jun 2015
Random Number Generator for SNESAssembly02 Mar 2014
Sunsoft NES audio engines analysisMiscellaneous28 Oct 2013
Nintendo SHVC Scope BIOSAssembly31 Jan 2013
SDAT File FormatFile Formats23 Jun 2007
GBA "Sappy" sound engine informationMiscellaneous25 Mar 2016
Displaying a 2BPP TileGraphics Hacking18 Feb 2010
Final Fantasy Advance and Chrono Trigger DS Font SpecificationsFile Formats24 Jul 2009
Pokémon GSC SupplmentGame Specific01 Jan 2008

93 Utilities
GCHT (Game Color Helper Tool)Palettes03 Nov 2021
SFXpolyDumpData Extraction / Insertion20 Dec 2021
Dragon Warrior II/III/IV (NES) Map Building VisualizerGame Specific03 Apr 2021
Lunar Address JSMiscellaneous03 Apr 2021
Vertex Skybox EditorMiscellaneous14 Jul 2016
I.T.L Games CompressorCompression / Decompression25 May 2019
Zlib archiverCompression / Decompression05 Sep 2018
Emblem MagicGame Specific27 Aug 2017
ALX - Skies of Arcadia Legends ExaminerData Extraction / Insertion09 Jul 2019
CrashEditGraphics Viewers04 Aug 2013

5 Hacks
Rockman 2020 New Year's HackComplete01 Jan 2020
N64 NTSC PatchesImprovement24 Aug 2019
Genesis (Mega Drive) NTSC PatchesImprovement09 Oct 2019
SNES PAL to NTSC PatchesImprovement25 Jul 2019
Rockman 2018 New Year's HackComplete01 Jan 2018