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313 Documents
Lunar Address C# LibrarySource Code01 Apr 2021
Prizmatic's Strike Double D Back Sports SLAP BOXINGGame Specific03 Mar 2021
Hacking Custom Intros Into SNES ROMsGraphics Hacking10 Jul 2018
Shift-JIS Encoded + HalfTable Files16 Jan 2018
Shift-JIS & UTF-8 TableTable Files27 Jul 2016
Shift-JIS w/ redone English LetteringTable Files27 Jul 2016
Beginner's Hexadecimal and Binary GuideMiscellaneous21 Apr 2016
Anomie's S-DSP DocHardware Info.28 Sep 2015
Capcom MMC3 Sound Engine InformationAudio Hacking27 May 2015
SNES translucency FAQHardware Info.21 May 2015

702 Utilities
Ips2Exe LitePatching19 Oct 2021
ROM/ISO Table FinderSearching18 Oct 2021
PssMuxMiscellaneous13 Oct 2021
TAITO DeCompressCompression / Decompression12 Oct 2021
Advanced SNES ROM UtilityMiscellaneous08 Oct 2021
AFS PackerData Extraction / Insertion06 Sep 2021
MultiPatchPatching03 Sep 2021
GameHeaderMiscellaneous31 Aug 2021
Text Pattern FinderTable Generators29 Aug 2021
Tilemap StudioGraphics Editors29 Aug 2021