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SD Gundam Knight Story 3

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

I could never understand people’s fascination with giant motherfucking robots unless we’re talking about Transformers. But we’re not. We’re talking about Gundam. You know, the robots with the giant phallic rail guns? Those are the ones.

Anyhow, one day, somebody at Bandai said, “We have a swimming pool full of money… but I still don’t feel rich enough. How can I fix that?”

Another Bandai employee said, “Well, my kid is willing to murder his friends to get Dragon Ques games, let’s throw some of our giant robots on top of that and call it a new game!” And so it was.

And it happened not once more on the NES, but twice. And so was born SD Gundam Knight 3. Yet another of approximately 1×0071111xE^200 NES games that mimicked Dragon Quest but never quite reached the same level of popularity.

The story line, of course, is probably quite different even if the gameplay is about the same as Dragon Quest–but being Japanese illiterate, who can say? Not I.