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Phantasy Star II

Sega Genesis

Game Description:

Phantasy Star II is a Japanese role playing game for the Sega Genesis and the second installment in the Phantasy Star series.

The game received wide critical acclaim for its design, music, graphics and story, and is seen as a landmark title in the genre. It was the largest console game of the time, using an unprecedented 6 mega-bit cartridge.

Its more elaborate plot is set in the Algol solar system from the first game, a millennium later. This time it follows the journey of a young agent of the Motavian government who is assigned a mission to investigate the reason behind the creation of the so called “Biomonsters”, man-made creatures that have been wreaking havoc on the planet. Accompanied by the mysterious human-Biomonster hybrid Nei and later joined by many other companions, he’ll uncover a shady conspiracy that threatens the very foundation of the Algol system.

The game is noted for having an unexpectedly dark and deep story for its time that doesn’t pull its punches. It’s especially remarkable for featuring what was possibly the first death of a major main character in the genre, preceding Final Fantasy VII by nearly eight years.

Unlike in the original game, the dungeons in Phantasy Star II are presented in third person. They have been noted for their complexity, being made up of made up of elaborate layouts spanning various floors. Like its predecessor, it uses a turn-based battle system. An innovation is an optional auto-fighting feature that allows party members to take action without having to be issued commands.


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4 Translations
Phantasy Star II (PT)Fully Playable15 Sep 2021
Phantasy Star II (DE)Fully Playable30 Jul 2000
Phantasy Star II (KO)Fully Playable21 Aug 2013
Phantasy Star II (EN)Fully Playable12 Mar 2000

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