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Final Fantasy

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Final Fantasy is a role playing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


13 Documents
Final Fantasy 1 GFF Hacking DocumentsGame Specific29 Jun 2014
FF1 Disassembly CompanionGame Specific04 Feb 2014
FF1 Disassembly with Bugfix & Enhancement PatchesSource Code07 Dec 2008
Final Fantasy 1 Music Driver DisassemblySource Code18 Aug 2010
FF1 DisassemblySource Code05 Jun 2015
FF1 Magic NotesGame Specific01 Apr 2008
FF1 Facelift BytesGame Specific24 Oct 2003
Disch Explains FF1 Rom ExpansionAssembly20 Dec 2005
Music Bytes 0.7 (Unofficial update by Sliver X)Game Specific30 Oct 2011
Hacking Savestates for Final FantasyGame Specific17 Oct 1998

6 Utilities
Deep DungeonGame Specific30 Jan 2021
FF WindowsGame Specific02 Nov 2003
FF Hackster CompanionGame Specific13 Jul 2004
Final Fantasy ImprovementLevel Editors04 Mar 1998
FF HacksterLevel Editors19 Oct 2001
Final Fantasy Spell EditorGame Specific31 Aug 1999

16 Translations
Final Fantasy (ES)Fully Playable11 Nov 2022
Final Fantasy (ES)Fully Playable05 Nov 2022
Final Fantasy (SV)Fully Playable25 Dec 2021
Final Fantasy (IT)Fully Playable30 Jul 2020
Final Fantasy (EN)Fully Playable24 Oct 2019
Final Fantasy (FR)Fully Playable31 Jan 2003
Final Fantasy (ES)Fully Playable14 Nov 2002
Final Fantasy (KO)Fully Playable06 Jan 2005
Final Fantasy (PT)Fully Playable29 Nov 1999
Final Fantasy (EL)Fully Playable30 Mar 2002

64 Hacks
Final Fantasy 35th Anniv w/ Tonberry, Moogles & More!Improvement27 May 2022
FINAL FANTASY: Age of WarMECHComplete15 Apr 2022
Final Fantasy Flash ReductionImprovement26 Mar 2022
Final Fantasy 1 Initialize EncountersBug Fix01 Oct 2021
Pitch Correction for GFF v. 3.22Addendum13 Sep 2021
Pitch CorrectionBug Fix13 Sep 2021
FF1 J BugfixesBug Fix10 Sep 2021
FF1 Minor Sprite Touch UpsImprovement05 Feb 2021
FF3 (NES) Sprite BackportImprovement08 Jan 2021
FF1 conservative bug fixesBug Fix13 Dec 2020