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Fossil Fighters: Champions

Nintendo DS

Game Description:

Fossil Fighters: Champions is a creature-collecting RPG in the vein of Pokémon. Being a sequel to the game Fossil Fighters, it shares the same general gameplay, and carries over (almost) all creatures while adding a great many more. Other additions include giant and two-sided fossils, the expansion of the battle field from four zones each to six (which are freely rotated around like a rotary phone), masks that ensure you only dig up fossils of a certain type, and a wide variety of side-quests. The most important addition of all is that Champions has online multiplayer, kept alive today thanks to fan servers. This also helpfully neutralizes Champions’ biggest weakness: its absolutely abysmal AI. Finally, Champions has been found to contain two unused but complete DLC-on-disk dig sites, which include fossils not found anywhere else (such as the non-head fossils of E-Raptor). One can only speculate why they were never released.


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Multiple Special VivosaursImprovement03 Nov 2022
Sensible FP RechargeImprovement30 Sep 2022