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2002 Bomberman

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

You are being pursued by enemies in a maze. Set bombs to destroy enemies and blocks, clearing a path for yourself to find the hidden exit to each maze. Hidden powerups will help you along the way. You can set one bomb at a time. Don’t blow yourself up!

Similar to the original Bomberman by Hudson Soft, this is “2002 Bomberman,” a Christmas-themed copycat game by Nice Code, AKA Bomberman 2002. This was also released in variant forms as Detonation, Dejectil, Parkinof, Bomb Time 2004, and Undersea 2004.

This is a small 40kb NROM game, like the original Bomberman was. Nice Code also released “Bomberman 2″ which is a more complex, larger ROM (with three playable characters, and bosses).


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Penguin BomberComplete20 Sep 2022