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Donkey Kong (GB)

Game Boy

Game Description:

Look out! That big ape, Donkey Kong, has his eyes on Mario’s sometimes-girlfriend, Pauline… again! And, his tie isn’t the only thing that’s new!

Bigger and badder than ever, DK comes equipped with a whole new barrel full of tricks, traps, and enemies for the plumber to fight as he leads Mario through nine different worlds, starting with the original construction site and leading to… well, Mario will just have to get there to find out! It’s going to be a long trip and he’s going to have to work hard to see it through, but if he’s patient and uses his own new skills as best as he can… he may well save the day, once more!

Go on, jump-man! Don’t keep the lady waiting!


1 Hack
The First Donkey Kong '94 Level HackComplete06 May 2019