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    Updating screenshots to reflect current build.
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    A certain user pointed out that the graphics are garbled when applying a patch using by online patcher. I confirmed the same issue a while ago. I never used the online patcher before, so I didn't notice that. I was able to play without any problems with the file download method. I don't know the cause of the issue, but I decided to upload the IPS file again.
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    Small dialogue change
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    Resubmission of prior changes
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    I remove some sentences to let it describe the hack is all about and not pander to woke western political statements

Final Fantasy III

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Final Fantasy III is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo. This is also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan.


12 Documents
Changing arrow cursor in dialog choicesGraphics Hacking19 Mar 2017
FF3us Battle Event ScriptsGame Specific16 Oct 2016
Bank C3 CompendiumAssembly11 Jul 2016
FF3us Animation ScriptsGame Specific18 Sep 2015
FF3us Ending Names MappingGame Specific01 Jan 2017
FF3 $7E5000 source codeSource Code13 Feb 2016
FF6 SNES $C3 Bank rellocatable source codeAssembly25 Oct 2013
Restrict Espers by CharacterSource Code20 Apr 2020
FF6 Event DumpAssembly27 Feb 2011
Stat GrowthSource Code28 Mar 2010

15 Utilities
FF6 Battle Background Palette HelperPalettes29 Jul 2017
FF6MMGENGame Specific11 Mar 2017
FF6ToolsGame Specific31 May 2019
FF6ExpEDGame Specific16 Apr 2016
FF6LE Rogue CELevel Editors06 Oct 2016
Zone Doctor CELevel Editors16 Oct 2016
Final Fantasy VI C2FF6D (de)compressorCompression / Decompression13 Feb 2016
FF6 Beyond Chaos RandomizerGame Specific29 Aug 2015
Zone Doctor - Final Fantasy 6 EditorLevel Editors26 Aug 2013
FF3 (6-US) Character ViewerGame Specific20 Jul 2009

18 Translations
Final Fantasy III (ES)Fully Playable12 Jun 2022
Final Fantasy III (ID)Fully Playable03 Oct 2018
Final Fantasy III (PT)Addendum13 May 1998
Final Fantasy III (AR)Fully Playable05 Feb 2018
Final Fantasy III (VI)Unfinished01 Jun 2013
Final Fantasy III (EN)Addendum02 Apr 2016
Final Fantasy III (DE)Addendum12 May 2015
Final Fantasy III (KO)Unfinished19 Mar 2014
Final Fantasy III (ES)Fully Playable31 Mar 2014
Final Fantasy III (PT)Fully Playable20 Oct 2000

219 Hacks
Final Fantasy VI ExpandedImprovement13 Aug 2022
Project III: Final Fantasy VIImprovement26 Dec 2021
Final Fantasy VI Woolsey RemovedImprovement15 Jun 2022
Figaro Guard BugfixBug Fix26 May 2022
Imperial Camp Dialogue BugfixBug Fix07 May 2022
Dragons' ShrineImprovement16 Jun 2022
Status Icon OverflowBug Fix23 Apr 2022
Stray FlashBug Fix15 Apr 2022
Mastered Esper IconImprovement27 Mar 2022
Status Timers HackImprovement16 Feb 2022