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Final Fantasy V

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Final Fantasy V is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

The game was released in the States as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology, complete with Ted Woolsey’s script that was done before the SNES Square translation was scrapped.

The game is pretty straightforward Final Fantasy, except for the Job System that the characters use. You have a large selection of jobs, and there’s no penalty in switching from one job to another (unlike FFIII). Battles earn you points that go towards leveling up these jobs, which give you extra abilities.


1 Document
Final Fantasy V Save FormatGame Specific19 Jan 2012

1 Utility
Final Fantasy V EditorGame Specific01 Apr 2010

9 Translations
Final Fantasy V (EN)Addendum27 Feb 2021
Final Fantasy V (EN)Addendum22 Mar 2018
Final Fantasy V (EN)Addendum30 Jun 2017
Final Fantasy V (ES)Fully Playable14 Mar 2015
Final Fantasy V (KO)Fully Playable22 Dec 2013
Final Fantasy V (IT)Fully Playable28 Oct 2001
Final Fantasy V (SV)Fully Playable25 Aug 2001
Final Fantasy V (PT)Fully Playable27 Nov 1999
Final Fantasy V (EN)Fully Playable17 Oct 1998

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