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Final Fantasy II

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Final Fantasy II is a role paying game for the Super Nintendo. It is based on a re-mastered version of the Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV called Final Fantasy IV Easy Type.


2 Documents
Final Fantasy II/IVj State HackingGame Specific08 Jul 1998
FF2 US DocsGame Specific13 May 2002

6 Utilities
Final Fantasy IV TweakGame Specific16 Oct 2022
FF4ksterGame Specific27 Dec 2012
FF4ToolsGame Specific07 Sep 2009
Zyrthofar's FF4 ROM EditorGame Specific09 Mar 2005
FF2us Multi EditorGame Specific02 Nov 2004
FF4edGame Specific24 Apr 2000

2 Translations
Final Fantasy II (ES)Fully Playable22 Jun 2001
Final Fantasy II (TH)Fully Playable20 Apr 2000

49 Hacks
Final Fantasy IV - The DSficationComplete06 Jan 2023
Final Fantasy IV - Unlimited arrowsImprovement19 Sep 2022
Final Fantasy IV Bow accuracy AdjustmentImprovement11 Nov 2022
Final Fantasy IV SNES Record Keeper Sprites PortImprovement27 Jul 2022
FF II (over heal fix)Improvement04 Feb 2022
FF4- Chocobo OSTImprovement15 Jan 2022
Final Fantasy IV: Daughter of Darkness and LightImprovement16 Dec 2021
Final Fantasy IV: Born of a DragonComplete23 May 2021
Final Fantasy II Speedrun PracticeImprovement06 Dec 2020
Final Fantasy II: A Threat from Within, Part 1Complete14 Nov 2020