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Code Name: Viper

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Code Name: Viper is an action platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Originally released in Japan as Ningen Heiki: Dead Fox, the game consists of destroying the drug syndicate located in South America. The player is called Kenny Smith or known as Mr. Smith (the game) which is sent by Commander Jones in order to rescue the civilian hostages and an agent who has information about the author who smuggles the drugs and also It gives you a bomb to go to the next level. You must go through the 7 hiding places of the great drug traffic. As you save the wounded agents, it will give you clues about the real author and kill him.


4 Translations
Code Name: Viper (IT)Fully Playable09 Sep 2023
Code Name: Viper (ID)Fully Playable15 Apr 2023
Code Name: Viper (FA)Fully Playable11 Jun 2022
Code Name: Viper (ES)Fully Playable11 Mar 2023

2 Hacks
Rolling Thunder gaidenImprovement31 Mar 2023
Code Name: Viper - Fully ClothedImprovement14 Nov 2017