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Doom II

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

Unlike Doom 1 GBA, this port uses the SouthPaw engine rather than the Jaguar Doom engine. Making it almost as feature complete as the PC version but with wonky physics and a couple levels split into two. It does suffer from more slowdown compared to Doom 1 on the GBA and still contains censored blood and textures, but contains all the monsters and levels this time around. It’s most likely the most violent game in the GBA library.

There are most likely better ways to play Doom today portably, but it’s pretty impressive for the platform at the time.


4 Hacks
YTP Doom: AdvanceComplete03 Mar 2021
Doom II Desolate EditionAddendum15 May 2020
Doom II Paint EditionAddendum23 Apr 2020
Doom 2 (GBA) - PC Conversion PackImprovement19 Dec 2019