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Chrono Trigger

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Chrono Trigger is a SNES RPG similar to the Final Fantasy series. The story takes place in many different time periods ranging from the pre-historic days to the end of time. It has a “New Game +” mode and 13 different endings (determined by when you choose to battle the final boss) so the replay value on this one is through the roof.


6 Documents
Chrono Trigger - Hacking Default Player NamesGame Specific23 Jul 2010
Chrono Lover's Guide to Modding, Vol I: Background InsertionGame Specific15 Oct 2009
Chrono Trigger Data OffsetsGame Specific07 Oct 2009
Temporal Flux ManualProgram Specific24 Nov 2004
Chrono Trigger DatabaseGame Specific03 Mar 2011
Chrono Trigger CompressionGame Specific16 Dec 2003

11 Utilities
Chrono CompressorGame Specific13 Oct 2013
TraducScript Extraction / Insertion11 Jun 2000
Chrono Trigger Editor CompanionGame Specific02 Feb 2005
Chrono Trigger Item Name EditorGame Specific08 Apr 2008
Chrono Trigger TexteditorGame Specific31 Dec 1969
CT Shop EditorGame Specific21 Mar 2006
Temporal FluxLevel Editors21 Apr 2017
Chrono Trigger Shop KeeperGame Specific27 Oct 2001
GearsGame Specific02 Nov 2001
ChroneGame Specific26 Aug 2003

16 Translations
Chrono Trigger (AR)Fully Playable19 Jan 2021
Chrono Trigger (ES)Fully Playable05 Aug 2020
Chrono Trigger (TR)Unfinished14 May 2022
Chrono Trigger (CA)Fully Playable28 Oct 2018
Chrono Trigger (EN)Addendum12 Jun 2017
Chrono Trigger (ES)Fully Playable22 Mar 2010
Chrono Trigger (FI)Fully Playable08 Dec 2012
Chrono Trigger (RO)Fully Playable05 Feb 2012
Chrono Trigger (PL)Fully Playable09 Apr 2019
Chrono Trigger (PT)Fully Playable22 Feb 2004

36 Hacks
Chrono Trigger Soundtrack ExpansionImprovement13 Nov 2022
Enhansa EditionImprovement22 Dec 2021
Chrono Trigger - JP Title ScreenImprovement22 Mar 2021
CT: All Stat TabsImprovement05 Apr 2021
Reptite RedrawImprovement05 Sep 2020
Chrono TriggeredComplete11 Aug 2020
Time Menu UpdateImprovement22 Mar 2020
Chrono Trigger - Master QuestImprovement07 Mar 2020
Chrono Trigger: Respecting SpritesImprovement01 Feb 2020
Unsightly PixelImprovement19 Nov 2019