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    Updated the IPS files in the Zip. There were some errors with the IPS files in the Zip file before. They have been fixed and this new Zip file now contains the correct IPS patches. Same version number. Thank you!
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    Added Metalwario64 and DarkSamus993 for helping on the Japanese style MM7 logos.
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    Thanks to Metalwario64 and DarkSamus993, the MM7 logos now look more like their Japanese counterparts.
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    I mistakenly believed Dragon Quest 3 had no outstanding issues and referenced this on the review, but it seems that's not the case, so I'm rectifying the review for this one.

Wario Land II

Game Boy

Game Description:

Wario Land II is a platforming game for the Game Boy.


1 Utility
Wario Land 2 editorLevel Editors22 Aug 2019

4 Hacks
Wario Land 2 - Enhanced GraphicsImprovement11 Feb 2021
Wario Land 2 - RemixComplete23 Aug 2020
Wario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall FixImprovement03 Mar 2017
Wario Land II (Uncensored)Improvement15 Mar 2016