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Sonic CD 2011


Game Description:

Interestingly enough the main engine used in this remake was brought to Sega by Taxman, who was originally well known in Sonic hacking circles. Thanks to this special engine the physics for this version are nearly completely faithful to the original game without emulation, with only slight differences existing.

Another huge plus to this edition of Sonic CD is the option of choosing which region’s soundtrack to use in the game (with the only exception being the Japanese intro including the video; the lyrics had run into a copyright ordeal so it uses a remixed version of the background instruments). There’s also the option to use Sonic 2’s spindash physics. On top of the original game’s extras, you can also unlock the ability to play as Tails.


1 Hack
Metal Sonic in Sonic CD 2011 (Playable)Improvement31 Oct 2014