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Disney's Goof Troop

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Goof Troop is known strictly as a Co-Op game. Though it is playable single-player, it’s brought up almost immediately whenever someone asks for good Co-Op games for the SNES and not many other times.

One player controls Goofy and the other Max, in their adventure to rescue Pete and PJ who have been captured by pirates! The game mostly revolves around solving puzzles and using items (sometimes with hilarious results in one player screwing the other up). It’s a lot more fun than you’d expect if that idea brings up your interest!


2 Utilities
Goof Troop EditorLevel Editors24 Jan 2022
Goof Troop Level EditorLevel Editors28 May 2020

4 Translations
Disney's Goof Troop (IT)Fully Playable03 Jun 2022
Disney's Goof Troop (ID)Fully Playable13 May 2022
Disney's Goof Troop (ES)Fully Playable23 Oct 2017
Disney's Goof Troop (PT)Fully Playable03 Mar 2013

6 Hacks
Le Goof TroopComplete31 Mar 2023
Goof Troop - No BlinkImprovement10 Mar 2023
Zombie101's Goof TroopComplete25 Dec 2022
Goof Troop ST: Space TreasureComplete01 Apr 2022
Goof Troop SRAMImprovement07 Feb 2022
Goof Troop Extreme EditionImprovement16 Jun 2017