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New Super Mario Bros. Wii


Game Description:

“Mario leaps into an all-new adventure! Scramble through courses with up to four players at the same time! Run, stomp, and fly through eight worlds packed with enemies and surprises!

New Power-ups! Power up with new items like the Propeller Mushroom, Penguin Suit and more!

4-Player Action! Take on tough courses together with your friends or compete for the best score!”

Released in late 2009, New Super Mario Bros. Wii was a great addition to Nintendo’s Super Mario 2D platforming series. It’s not as challenging as the NES games, but it still has its hard moments, and it’s certainly a LOT more challenging than the DS version!

What makes this game so amazing is the fact that you can play with 4 people. This way, you can work together in unprecedentedly large groups to complete levels together.

Similar to Super Mario Bros. 3, this game features an inventory, a menu where stored items are available for use.

If you’re ever bored, and you have some friends over, just put this game into your system, and have some fun!


1 Utility
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Mod CompilerPatching07 Jan 2015

1 Hack
Newer Super Mario Bros. WiiComplete08 Jun 2013