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ActRaiser 2

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

ActRaiser 2 is a side-scrolling action-platformer with a story inspired by the bible and epic poems. Just like the first episode you play the role of God. While this sequel has tremendously improved the aesthetics, gameplay and challenge of the side-scrolling phases, it has completely dumped the city-building phases.


3 Translations
ActRaiser 2 (ES)Fully Playable06 Nov 1999
ActRaiser 2 (PT)Fully Playable06 Sep 2002
ActRaiser 2 (DE)Fully Playable30 Jan 2001

2 Hacks
ActRaiser 2 - Godly MasterImprovement13 Dec 2022
Actraiser II Easy spellImprovement17 Jun 2016