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Darkwing Duck

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Darkwing Duck is an action game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is based on the 1990s animated series of the same name.


6 Translations
Darkwing Duck (EO)Fully Playable02 Nov 2022
Darkwing Duck (JA)Fully Playable03 Mar 2021
Darkwing Duck (ID)Fully Playable17 Oct 2018
Darkwing Duck (ES)Fully Playable11 Apr 2017
Darkwing Duck (JA)Fully Playable28 Sep 2015
Darkwing Duck (NL)Fully Playable09 Feb 2000

9 Hacks
Mega Man Plus Limited in Edoropolis MM9 Music MIXComplete09 Sep 2023
Darkwing Duck Advance (Rebalanced)Addendum05 Apr 2023
Megaman plus LimitedImprovement25 Jun 2023
Darkwing Duck Sound TestImprovement18 Apr 2023
Darkwing Duck - MMC1 to MMC3Improvement17 Sep 2013
Darkwing Duck - SoR2 musicImprovement23 May 2015
Darkwing Duck In EdoropolisComplete12 Dec 2021
Darkwing Duck New LevelsComplete14 Jun 2013
Darkwing Duck AdvanceImprovement31 Dec 2012