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Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Arcana is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo.


2 Utilities
Arcana Monster ReaderGame Specific28 May 2020
Arcana Treasure ReaderGame Specific17 Apr 2020

2 Translations
Arcana (ES)Fully Playable09 Sep 2021
Arcana (PT)Fully Playable18 Jun 2000

8 Hacks
Arcana - Seal of RimsalaImprovement15 May 2022
3 Digit BonusesBug Fix23 Jul 2021
Arcana See All MapsImprovement22 Jul 2021
Arcana - FastromImprovement27 Jun 2020
Arcana - Multi Level-upImprovement10 Jun 2020
Title Register ResetBug Fix10 Jun 2020
Arcana HardtypeComplete26 May 2013
Arcana EasyTypeImprovement17 Nov 2011