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Pokémon: Gold Version

Game Boy

Game Description:

Pokémon: Gold Version is a role playing game for the Game Boy Color.


1 Document
Chippy2000's Guide to Hacking Pokemon Gold!Miscellaneous24 Dec 2013

22 Hacks
Port Crystal Features to Pokemon Gold/SilverImprovement24 Aug 2023
Pokémon Super Oro 97 (Edición Oro Spaceworld 1997)Addendum03 May 2023
Pokemon Super Gold 97Complete23 Apr 2023
Pokemon Gold - QOLImprovement01 Feb 2023
Pokémon Gold (Updated moves and TMs)Improvement21 Nov 2022
Pokémon New Gold EraComplete20 Nov 2022
Pokémon Gold UnovaComplete26 Jul 2022
Pokémon Gold - All Glitches FixedBug Fix18 May 2022
Pokémon Gold SinnohComplete30 Sep 2022
Pokemon Gold Female Trainer HackImprovement12 Apr 2021