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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Contra is an action shooting and platforming game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


4 Documents
Contra US Annotated DisassemblySource Code26 Apr 2023
Contra all text routinesText Hacking20 Jun 2022
Contra hex valuesGame Specific21 Jul 2016
Contra - Hacking GuideGame Specific29 Jan 2016

3 Utilities
Contra DirectorLevel Editors07 May 2016
Contra Level EditorLevel Editors28 Feb 2013
Red FalconGame Specific24 May 2015

17 Translations
Contra (ES)Fully Playable26 Jun 2021
Contra (VI)Fully Playable18 Jun 2022
Contra (PT)Fully Playable10 Sep 2021
Contra (FI)Fully Playable07 Sep 2021
Contra (ID)Fully Playable04 Feb 2021
Contra (ID)Fully Playable22 Jan 2021
Contra (PL)Fully Playable30 Nov 2020
Contra (ES)Fully Playable25 Aug 2019
Contra (ES)Fully Playable25 Aug 2019
Contra (ES)Fully Playable19 Aug 2017

21 Hacks
Contra New Year 2017Complete09 Feb 2023
Contra Cay Editor 4Addendum08 Feb 2023
Contra 2p scroll fixImprovement20 Mar 2021
Contra: Easy ModeImprovement15 Feb 2021
Contra jump controlImprovement18 Sep 2020
93' OptimizedComplete17 Sep 2020
Hard Mode of ContraComplete02 Dec 2019
Contra Aoi VersionComplete02 Feb 2020
Contra Hardest ModeImprovement18 Jan 2020
Red Falcon WarComplete17 Nov 2019