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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Nintendo GameCube

Game Description:

Although the GBA rerelease of A Link to the Past contained the very first game where players could adventure together, this was the game that made the mini-game a full blown game. You had to work together while also competing against each other. It’s very fun with even just one other friend although the game can also be enjoyed solo.

The game controls a lot like LttP, or how LttP would if it were made for the Gamecube. There’s really not a lot to say here. It’s responsive and easy to play.

I don’t think there’s a single music piece in this game that wasn’t lifted from a previous Zelda entry. It might have been laziness or it might have been that this game was meant to be a spin-off and not meant to be taken seriously.

The graphics are mix of LttP’s and the first Four Swords. Some sprites were made exclusively for this game and some of the bosses feel huge and powerful. Unfortunately, you’ll probably feel like you’re playing LttP with a facelift.

The story is very simple and the game focuses more on gameplay, yet it still manages to be the most linear Zelda of them all… Except that each area has variable linearity. But yes, you’re once again on a quest to rescue a young princess from the clutches of evil. By this point, whatever the “Legend” in Legend of Zelda stood for, it probably means “Any princess named Zelda will be kidnapped.” If I were a king in the Zelda world, I’d never name my princess “Zelda.”

I recommend this game to anyone that likes adventure games and has friends that like adventure games. It’s much better than Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will still giving you an opportunity to annoy your partner.


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Four Swords Adventures Sprite ConverterMiscellaneous Graphics Tools22 Apr 2011
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