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Star Fox

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Game Description:

The first in the Star Fox series. One of the games that really pushed the SNES hardware to the max. A 3D rail shooter where you pilot a spacecraft as Fox McCloud.


1 Document
MasterPalette.mtl (RGB - Int)Game Specific21 Dec 2021

4 Utilities
SuperFX Object DumperData Extraction / Insertion19 Jun 2018
sf_decrunchCompression / Decompression31 Jul 2020
StarFox Level EditorLevel Editors28 May 2005
StarFox Level EditorLevel Editors28 May 2005

3 Translations
Star Fox (ES)Fully Playable24 Mar 2022
Star Fox (IT)Fully Playable22 Oct 2017
Star Fox (RU)Fully Playable02 May 2016

16 Hacks
Starfox RandomizerComplete05 Nov 2023
Untitled Star Fox Minihack 2Complete03 Jul 2023
Sunlit's Star Fox MinihackComplete22 Nov 2022
Starfox: EXComplete18 Aug 2023
Star Fox - Button Color HackImprovement11 Oct 2022
Starfox 30+60FPS PatchesComplete27 Sep 2022
Star Fox - Mouse ModeComplete31 Jan 2022
Star Fox - Wireframe ModeComplete04 Jan 2022
Starfox FASTROM 21mhz SuperFXImprovement23 May 2022
Starwing (Germany) 21mhz SuperFXComplete17 Dec 2021