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Famicom Wars

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Famicom Wars is the first game in Nintendo’s long-running Wars series with notable games being Super Famicom Wars and Advance Wars.

It is a single or two-player strategy game where you can choose to be the Red Star Army or the Blue Moon Army and play against the computer or another human. There are a total of 17 unique maps, 15 of which can be accessed by either army. Each army gets a unique final map after all the previous maps are completed.


8 Translations
Famicom Wars (EN)Fully Playable04 Mar 2023
Famicom Wars (EN)Addendum23 May 2021
Famicom Wars (EN)Addendum25 May 2019
Famicom Wars (FR)Fully Playable16 Sep 2016
Famicom Wars (EN)Addendum29 Feb 2016
Famicom Wars (EN)Addendum20 Nov 2015
Famicom Wars (EN)Fully Playable09 Oct 2008
Famicom Wars (EN)Unfinished06 Jul 1998