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Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Mario Bros. is an action platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


7 Translations
Mario Bros. (ID)Fully Playable18 Feb 2021
Mario Bros. (RU)Fully Playable10 Oct 2020
Mario Bros. (FR)Fully Playable12 Apr 2019
Mario Bros. (ES)Fully Playable12 Mar 2019
Mario Bros. (PT)Fully Playable04 May 2019
Mario Bros. (HU)Fully Playable05 May 2017
Mario Bros. (TL)Fully Playable11 Aug 2016

23 Hacks
Mario Bros. Classic - Reset FixBug Fix18 Mar 2023
Eevee Bros.Improvement07 Dec 2022
Chozo Bros 3+4Complete23 Dec 2021
Chozo Bros 1+2Complete06 Aug 2021
Mario Bros. Featuring Karnov!!Complete10 Nov 2020
Mario Bros. "3"Improvement25 Aug 2019
Mario Bros. Arcade StyleImprovement27 Apr 2019
Kevin Bros. ClassicImprovement05 Mar 2019
Princess Pipe PanicImprovement02 Dec 2017
Pikachu Bros.Improvement09 Jan 1999