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Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushuu no Sabata

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

This is the third installment in the Boktai series, never released outside of Japan. While it does share similarities with Konami’s other franchises; like vampires from Castlevania and stealth based action from Metal Gear; it stands as its own original franchise.

The series revolves around sunlight, and the cartridge itself had a solar sensor. Now, for the game itself.

Boktai 3 made the entire usage of the GBA’s sound chip, sporting spectacular music composition and even voice acting at times. The game is non-linear and based on stealth. The isometric view really teases us on the absence of a Metal Gear title on GBA.

The game has stunning and bright visuals. It has dynamic environments, like crows flying off rooftops as you approach them. The story itself continues from the first two Boktai games and serves as the franchise’s final outing on the Game Boy Advance.

The gameplay remains relatively unchanged from Boktai 2, save for the fact that they added motorcycle levels and general combat streamlining.

As with Boktai 2, Boktai 3 continues the franchise’s running tradition of including connectivity with a game in the MegaMan Battle Network series. Boktai 3 can utilize the GBA Wireless Adapter to connect with Japanese copies of Mega Man Battle Network 6.

Overall, the game is spectacular, and is a must-play title for GBA, and is strongly recommended for those looking for a solid action RPG from Kojima Productions.


1 Translation
Shin Bokura no Taiyou: Gyakushuu no Sabata (EN)Unfinished21 Nov 2007