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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Nintendo DS

Game Description:

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is a turn based strategy game for the Nintendo DS.


1 Document
FEDS (U) Hacking DocumentationGame Specific19 Apr 2009

1 Translation
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (KO)Fully Playable12 Feb 2022

6 Hacks
Shadow Dragon - Full Content PatchImprovement26 Jun 2018
Shadow Dragon - Always Recruit NorneImprovement25 Jun 2018
Shadow Dragon - Online Shop Exclusive Items Integrated into Normal GameplayImprovement06 Jun 2018
Shadow Dragon - Updated Gaiden Requirements Removal PatchAddendum13 Apr 2018
Shadow Dragon - Prologue in Hard ModesImprovement10 Apr 2018
Shadow Dragon Gaiden Requirements Removal PatchImprovement13 Jan 2015