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Nintendo World Cup

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Nintendo World Cup is a sports game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


1 Document
An Introductory Guide to Hacking Nintendo World CupGame Specific17 Jun 2008

4 Translations
Nintendo World Cup (ES)Fully Playable04 Aug 2023
Nintendo World Cup (ES)Fully Playable27 Oct 2019
Nintendo World Cup (AR)Unfinished05 Nov 2016
Nintendo World Cup (EN)Unfinished25 Sep 2016

7 Hacks
Nintendo World Cup Kunio EditionImprovement28 May 2023
Nintendo World Cup: Tournament Field SelectImprovement26 Nov 2016
Supa Dupa World CupComplete25 Sep 2016
NKS RebalanceImprovement25 Sep 2016
Nintendo World Cup RE - Real EditionImprovement08 Jul 2011
Nintendo World Cup: Pause FixImprovement16 Aug 2011
Nintendo World Cup: All-Team Versus VersionImprovement18 Jun 2008