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Binary Land

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Binary Land is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In it players take simultaneous control of a couple of penguins (which move like a mirror), Gurin and Malon, who must meet at the goal of each level.

On the way they will face hazards such as spider webs, the spiders itself (which players can defeat with the only weapon available in the game, a can of insecticide), an annoying bird that swaps the location of the characters and a flame.

As usual in early games for this system, the game features addictive gameplay and simple graphics, with single-screen scenarios that basically use the same assets with a color swap.

As is also usual, the game has no proper ending, restarting when the player reaches level 99.


1 Document
Binary Land DataGame Specific05 May 2008

4 Translations
Binary Land (RU)Fully Playable02 Apr 2021
Binary Land (AR)Fully Playable11 Feb 2021
Binary Land (ES)Fully Playable16 Aug 2020
Binary Land (ES)Fully Playable12 Dec 2019

6 Hacks
Binary TwistComplete14 Sep 2021
The Walking BinaryImprovement22 Jul 2016
Nick + Andy Love StoryComplete25 Jun 2016
Binary Land - Penguins FamilyImprovement25 May 2010
Satory LandImprovement01 Oct 2008
Link's Desert EscapeImprovement01 May 2008