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Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Mappy is an action platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System


1 Translation
Mappy (ES)Fully Playable28 Dec 2018

13 Hacks
Lupin III: Gentle ThiefComplete17 May 2023
Mappy Arrangement: NES EditionImprovement11 Dec 2022
He Lucathicc's Bouncing BlitzkriegImprovement19 Dec 2022
Mappy Graphics PatchImprovement05 Dec 2021
Ki's Bounce TimeImprovement23 Jul 2021
Bubblepy - A Bubble Bobble + MappyImprovement16 Apr 2021
Mappy Patrick St.'s Day EditionComplete16 Mar 2021
Mini crewmate's new year adventure!Improvement02 Jan 2021
OutLastImprovement07 Oct 2015
MarippyImprovement01 Dec 2007