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Starting a hack team for my new project.

Started by SMWHacker, March 31, 2011, 04:15:28 PM

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Hello, would anyone be interested in joining me in creating my hack? I'm not good with ASM or using YY-CHR and if anyone would be interested in helping with any of these, could you please let me know? thanks. :thumbsup:
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Oh, come on!  Shouldn't you at least figure out what the heck you want to do before you start dragging other people into it!?

Quote1102: How can I start a ROM hacking group?

One of the biggest neophyte mistakes is to attempt to start a new
ROM hacking group to accomplish some project you've thought up. First
of all, no experienced ROM hacker is going to join a group founded
by someone who's never released a ROM hack. Secondly, unless you plan
to do a significant portion of the work (and no, managing a team does
not count) then most ROM hackers will avoid your attempt to start a
group because it looks like you're wanting to take credit for their
hard work. If you really want to start a ROM hacking group, then show
some progress on a project of your own and then solicit people to
help you with it. It's generally easier to find an existing group and
offer your services to them, however.
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First, i have released quite a few hacks, with a team be for. Second, i almost have all of the 24 levels complete. i just need someone who is experienced with YY-CHR or ASM

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And i figured out alot after i posted that link u put on here.
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