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SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2)

Started by bjarnemannen, September 11, 2009, 05:31:28 PM

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While I've been trying to hack Tales of Rebirth me and a friend of mine have been working on a menu translation of Wars. We've found just about everything now, but are currently stuck on these stupid txd files that this game uses..

The tools I've found are only able to extract the images, not reinsert them.. (lots of graphics in this game needs to be translated)

Here are some wip screenshots from the translation so far:

PS: I'm still trying to translate Tales of Rebirth (PSP), but I'm a little stuck on the compression algorithm used. So if anyone want to help with the compression in ToR or the txd files in Wars it will be much appreciated. :)

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Oh snap, this is cool. I recently got the game and immediately played the Gundam 00 basic stage. :P A translation wouldn't so bad (considering that the SD Gundam games rarely ever, if at all, get localized outside of Japan).
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This looks great. If you just add the translation of the OP parts and abilities, that would be everything I could want.
Now for the barrage of questions.
How is this project going anyways? Any chance of a menu translation release? Is there somewhere else that would be updated with progress more often? Have you found an image injector that works for you yet?
Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing this released at some point. Keep up the great work.


We're still doing this thing. Just been a bit busy lately with real life stuff. Still havn't found an image injector that works. We're about 60%/70% done (not counting script and profile descriptions)

Patch will be released when we are done or not gonna bother with doing anything more ^^;


I don't know if it will work for what you need but here are some things I have found that might work for the image problem. - It says it can save to and from raw ps2 image files and bmp, jpg etc. - For putting files into the Iso, Probably not what you need but included just in case. - A tutorial that isn't directly relevant but includes overwriting a file in an iso and links to the programs they used for it. Also inlcuded just in case.

I don't have experience with either of these programs, Just passing along what I found from some internet searching. Hope it goes well.


I'm able to edit the game (as evident by the images I've posted). I'm also able to extract the images (txd files), but no program I've found is able to reinsert the images into the txd files. (or make a new txd file the game can read)


Ok, I figured that you were able to write to the iso, just included it in case. I don't know about ps2 hacking/translation so I didn't know what extension you needed.
Here are some TXD related things I have found that might help. - claims to make a txd file with "
works with 8bit & 24bit .bmp bitmaps and 24bit JPEG images" - Most of the txd editing software seems to be aimed at the GTA series. I don't know if it would work for this, but it might be worth a try. - another txd builder aimed at the GTA series.

Hope this helps more than it annoys.


Is this still alive? If you are still working on it is there a site to track it on? If you aren't planning on continuing will you make what you have done available?

Here's hoping all goes well, with both the translation and you.


This program reads MOST txd files and allows importing and exporting of images.

"TXD PowerTool v1.03"

or try this tool


I hope you will check this post soon so you can finish translating the game. I'm really waiting for the translation patch to be released. Please..............

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Some Important Information about the game files' contents and location of certain files. Hope this helps. :beer:

They are tackling about the Wii version of the game but most of the parts are the same especially the AFS.

Please check this, it might help.


A friendly bump to see if this project is still being worked on.


Please don't. Necro-bumping is discouraged here. :police:
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