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Re: YouTube/Google Video thread

Started by Kitsune Sniper, January 01, 2009, 02:40:19 AM

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two from me:

[completed] a hack of NAMCO's 1993 falling-block arcade game Emeraldia, where I added a second rotate button:

[wip] hacking widescreen into SF3: 3rd Strike:


For your listening pleasure:

Orchestral Fantasy: Game music played with real instruments (and choir)

GaMetal: Metal arrangements of video game music


Meduza Team



I made a video explaining how Nes bank switching works. Just 5 minutes.


Played around with Street Fighter II.


I've been revisiting my old projects and posting footage on Youtube.  Maybe sharing more will motivate be to create more things to share. Hope you enjoy.


Here is a video I made hacking Konami World for the NES. It's not meant to teach ASM, but to show the process of romhacking, mistakes and all. I'm hoping it can open the gate for people that aren't sure where to start in the process.

Episode 1

Edisode 2


Work in progress of Zill O'll:

AetherSX2 on my horrible phone.
.: TransGen :.

Dracula X

Thunder Force 2 Music Hack restored in progress:

and another Completed.
Back to Thunder Force II hacking again.