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Re: YouTube/Google Video thread

Started by Kitsune Sniper, January 01, 2009, 02:40:19 AM

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A hack to the overworld events in Chrono Trigger. Still needs some work before it's finished.
Mauron wuz here.

Gi Nattak

Here's the official trailer for my soon to be released FFVI hack, Return of the Dark Sorcerer (RotDS)!:


Mauron wuz here.


Pyron's received an official title change to Pyronaut. This intro's been a very long time in the making. I'm wildly proud of the outcome as well. Coding and Music by Optomon. Graphics and Layout by myself.

Pyronaut Introduction Video


I'm happily anticipating the release of of Pyronaut.


Spreading the word a bit about Resident Evil: Hazardous Battle now that I'm racing against time in order to put together a short gameplay demo.

Grant vs Cerberi:
Grant vs T-002 and T-002G:
Rebecca vs Berserk T-002:

General video of mansion explorations:
I am the lord, you all know my name, now. I got it all: cash, money, and fame.




Been awhile since I've done a translation preview.

This is for Gun-Dec, the Japanese version of Vice: Project Doom.


Grimoire LD

Wow. That does look like a rather impressive game, even if it does seem a bit Dragon Quest-ish it seems to have colorful graphics, an interesting battle system and an interesting premise behind it. Looks like grinding is definitely required though. Looking forward to its eventual release!

Though Kadokawa Shoten... was Legend of the Double Moon an Anime or Manga?


According to wikipedia...

QuoteIt is based on an earlier play-by-mail RPG also titled Double Moon Densetsu, serialized in Marukatsu Famicom and eventually Marukatsu Super Famicom; in addition to this computer game, there was also a tabletop RPG system produced based on the work.


Because I could. (This is just a single-room demo. A full hack using this effect would require some cleverness and appreciable effort.)


Another preview video of another upcoming NES translation.

The Magic Candle for the NES. Fairly basic, but surprisingly not a bad game. Not as grindy as some NES RPGs...

Dr. Floppy

Quote from: snarfblam on April 03, 2015, 10:16:24 PM
Because I could. (This is just a single-room demo. A full hack using this effect would require some cleverness and appreciable effort.)




You know, it's just dawned on me that I never link things here.

Let me try changing that a bit, though I have to dig back.

Note that these are mostly me doing Real hardware testing/debugging for other people's projects rather than my own projects:

BS Zelda Restoration Patch with MSU-1 support. WIP shows the full support for the audio and the WIP for the restoration of the music. Voices and SFX still need work. (This video also tests adding back in Japanese on top of the Restoration.)



Dr. Floppy

I've been working on an 8-bit rendition of a certain Mason Williams instrumental for one of the early stages of Donner Party 2.
Here's the first minute or so:

Classical Gasoline (8-bit)

Also, does anybody here know if dogs are smart enough to head for a body of water if/when they're on fire?