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Super Baldy Kart
« on: January 12, 2014, 09:31:25 am »
After 4 years of sitting idle I picked up my Super Mario Kart hack again.  Over the past month I consolidated all my changes in to one ROM and I've created a new Player and cup selection screen.  This has new graphics, sprite locations, layouts, colours and music.

Here is a video of the player and cup select screens in action with custom music
The music was based of a custom song by S.N.N. downloaded off of SMWC that I edited to work with SMK.

After this I need to edit the race results screen, and the podium screen.

To do list:

- Clean up theme backgrounds (few transparency issues)
- Music for each theme
- Redo Mario Curcit theme
- Podium
- Tracks (I have about 5 so far ready to be used)
- Credits screen

There is some information I'm lacking that I need to understand to be able to make some of the other changes I need.  Can anyone help with the following?:

- The colour (pointer) of the text on the time trial, battle mode screens.  Since I changed the font it doesn't look good with the default colours at all.
- The meta data for the track tiles.  There are space on some themes to add more tiles, but without the meta data it's a bit pointless.
- The location of the mini theme tunes each racer plays after winning a race.

If anyone can help with these things I've be very grateful.  Comments and feedback are welcome.