Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Fan Translation Project

Started by ryanbgstl, October 09, 2008, 12:22:08 PM

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Sorry to bump this after 2-3 months of inactivity, but could someone tell me what progress you've made if any? Id love to play this in english.


If you need help translating, I'd be interested in trying.
I don't have any romhacking experience but I do have 3 years of Japanese experience, including 10 months spent in Japan. I've got a 2-year programming degree too, but I'm really rusty. PM or email me  :)


Quote from: RHDNBot on July 11, 2011, 02:35:30 AM

Update By: ryanbgstl

It's been a long three years, but Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, or For the Frog the Bell Tolls is finally playable in English.  This hilarious game has you take on the role of the impetuous but good-natured Prince of Sable. As the Prince, you must save Princess Tiramisu and the dessert and frog themed land of Mille-Feuille from the evil Lord Delarin...and do so before your rival, the valiant Prince Richard, beats you to it.

Gameplay is a mix of platforming action and simple RPG elements. The engine for this game went on to be used for Link's Awakening, and many elements were borrowed for later Zelda and Nintendo games.

This patch is likely my first and last big gift back to the community whose works I've enjoyed so much over the years.  It isn't perfect, but countless hours of revisions and testing have gone into capturing at least a portion of the original's wit and humor.


RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link: (http://www.romhacking.net/trans/1623/)


I cannot say how excited I am to finally being able to play this gem. I imported it way back and can finally enjoy it on its original format thanks to you, your team and a wonderful device called GB USB Smart Card that I highly recommend to everyone who hates emulation just as I do. Thank you very much for finishing this!  :beer:


Quote from: snatcher1996 on July 12, 2011, 03:15:40 AMa wonderful device called GB USB Smart Card
Eh?  What's this?

I thought the only practical solution for such things nowadays was to use Goomba on a GBA flashcart.  But someone has actually come up with a practical, affordable GB flash cart?  Does it work on the GBC too?
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Quote from: Jorpho on July 12, 2011, 10:07:46 AM
I thought the only practical solution for such things nowadays was to use Goomba on a GBA flashcart.  But someone has actually come up with a practical, affordable GB flash cart?  Does it work on the GBC too?

I'd be interested in this too. I just picked up a GBA and I've got a flash card for it coming in the mail, but I still will end up carrying around a bunch of GB classic cartridges unless something like this makes it easier.


I don't know if i may post links to online stores here, but if you do a google picture search with exactly the name of the cart, the first pictures show it. It has its limitations and has a problems playing a fes games, but Kaeru no Tame works flawlessly.



I have been looking forward to this release. You have my gratitude.


Time to test out a gb emulator on my psp :D Thanks for the hard work.


I played through the translation. There were some typos.

Earliest was when you first meet the witch. She says "afright", and there actually was another typo in the same sentence.

In the Eskimo village I realised the shop girl had a speech impediment. But when the old shopkeeper was alone in the shop and you approached him behind the counter he spoke the same sentence, with the same error(I'm not sure if I remember correctly, was it "pwease"?)

The last occurrence was when the lower lab assistant said "wuit" instead of "suit".


Congrats!  Excellent translation.  Finished it last night  ;D

Besides the few typos already mentioned I didn't have any problems.

Enjoyable little game.  Very nice work  :thumbsup:


Just wanted to send thanks for completing the translation. I look forward to trying it out shortly. Your hard work is appreciated!


I played this whole game and beat it in about 48 hours.

Thank you.

Just Thank you so much.

It made me feel like a child again.

When it was over I was sad, because I knew I would never have an experience like that again in my life.


Did someone ever tried to use the Dialog Editor for this game? If I select the original ROM the program disappears without giving an error message.
When I tried to open the translated ROM, it says that I should use the original ROM, or something like that. (I know, the readme says, that this won't work. I just wanted to test it.)

Tried it under Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 SP1. Anyone knows what's the problem?


Sorry for the incredible 4 year bump (though I regret nothing for bringing back attention to this wonderful little game).

But it would be great if someone could fix up these typos and perhaps fix some of the literal translations. Such as the title "For the Frog the Bell Tolls" which I think should be "The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls", which supposedly Sakurai has called it officially just recently after the assist trophy for the main character was announced for Super Smash Bros. And it also fits the title screen better and sounds better.

The original creator has provided technical notes and a dialog editor which are available here: http://www.romhacking.net/community/1461/ However I am using a Mac so I cannot access the dialog editor myself. So I imagine he does not mind someone else improving on his already great work.

Is anyone in need of a fun little project? :)


I wouldn't mind taking a stab at it as an addendum patch. What all needs to be changed?


I you contact with CUE, he expanded the rom and you can insert a lot more of text (if needed).
He expanded the rom for the Spanish translation and I intend to inform ryanbgstl, but never made it and don't know if he still active  :-[


Hey! This is great! I was sort of expecting people to just be annoyed with me for bringing a project back from the grave. This community is pretty awesome :D

I messaged one of the original team on reddit, Artemis251, he said he would be interested in helping out too! He mostly did graphical help so I guess he would be helpful for the new title screen. There are a few typos which people have mentioned above which I guess never got fixed. I also think the name creation screen could do with a little touching up, there are some gaps in the letters which just looks kind of odd.

There is a source on the new title here by the way: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAABnUYoByIR5hQ

So that makes it an official title for the game I think! And I think it would just look so much better because it would keep the same positioning of the Japanese title.

Another guy on reddit called MortalPixel also got in touch with me saying he would be interested in this. I told him about this forum so hopefully he can come on here and talk with you guys about it.

Would you be able to get in contact with CUE? I don't really know this forum, this was my first post. If that makes things easier that would be great :)

Here was my post on Reddit also: https://www.reddit.com/r/romhacking/comments/49oeel/kaeru_no_tame_ni_kane_wa_naru_the_frog_for_whom/

So good to see people interested in this, thank you very much!

Edit: One more thing I just noticed, Sable should have an accent making it Sablé


Regarding what Tischl.DeckDich said, I managed to get the Dialog Editor working - apparently it was crashing because it tried to import the 'G' tile multiple times (changing how letters were added to the dictionary solved that).

Unfortunately, the Dialog Editor does not contain the custom .frog text file that has the English translation, so you'd have to re-write it from scratch. :)
The text isn't compressed or anything though, so you can use the hex table here to manually make changes:

input   output   next state
~   0x40   0
!   0x41   0
?   0x42   0
-   0x43   0
.   0x44   0
,   0x45   0
'   0x46   0
"   0x47   0
▲   0x48   0
▼   0x49   0
◄   0x4A   0
►   0x4B   0
:   0x4C   0
A   0x50   0
B   0x51   0
C   0x52   0
D   0x53   0
E   0x54   0
F   0x55   0
G   0x56   0
H   0x57   0
I   0x58   0
J   0x59   0
K   0x5A   0
L   0x5B   0
M   0x5C   0
N   0x5D   0
O   0x5E   0
P   0x5F   0
Q   0x60   0
R   0x61   0
S   0x62   0
T   0x63   0
U   0x64   0
V   0x65   0
W   0x66   0
X   0x67   0
Y   0x68   0
Z   0x69   0
ß   0x6A   0
Ä   0x6B   0
Ö   0x6C   0
Ü   0x6D   0
a   0x6E   0
b   0x6F   0
c   0x70   0
d   0x71   0
e   0x72   0
f   0x73   0
g   0x74   0
h   0x75   0
i   0x76   0
j   0x77   0
k   0x78   0
l   0x79   0
m   0x7A   0
n   0x7B   0
o   0x7C   0
p   0x7D   0
q   0x7E   0
r   0x7F   0
s   0x80   0
t   0x81   0
u   0x82   0
v   0x83   0
w   0x84   0
x   0x85   0
y   0x86   0
z   0x87   0
à   0x88   0
â   0x89   0
ä   0x8A   0
è   0x8B   0
é   0x8C   0
ê   0x8D   0
ù   0x8E   0
û   0x8F   0
ü   0x90   0
ô   0x91   0
ö   0x92   0
ç   0x93   0
î   0x94   0
♥   0x95   0
0   0x96   0
1   0x97   0
2   0x98   0
3   0x99   0
4   0x9A   0
5   0x9B   0
6   0x9C   0
7   0x9D   0
8   0x9E   0
9   0x9F   0
&   0xA7   0
(   0xAA   0
)   0xAB   0
_   0xAF   0
\n   0xFD   0
   0xFE   0

I already found the 'wuit' -> 'suit' change. If I knew the exact wording on the others, I could make those changes too.