Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Fan Translation Project

Started by ryanbgstl, October 09, 2008, 12:22:08 PM

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Quote from: 1983parrothead on September 06, 2009, 04:37:50 PM
The most recent translations I trusted (and still trust) were for the first few episodes of Game Center CX, located here. They sound so real:

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I apologize about that. I knew about ROMs and music, but I didn't know about television shows being posted in forums like this. Well, now I know.  :-[


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so what is the status on the translation? I've seen footage of the game, and it looks to be alot of fun, but being a text heavy game I can't play it correctly without a translation. i wish you luck on it!


I'm also interested in this project's status. Has anyone tried to go further? I was thinking of taking a stab at it myself, but then I found that it's already in progress...I think?



Currently, Eien Ni Hen is working on the first draft of the script.  Most of the hacking work is done except for a few menus and of course the inevitable bugs that will be found when the full English script is actually inserted.

Hacking-wise, I believe inserted text can be at least as high of quality as Link's Awakening, if not more so.  Someone very skilled at assembly hacking could probably completely rewrite the text-drawing routines to allow for a lot more space or VWF, but I'm not really actively pursuing that at this time as I'm guessing that would be extremely difficult and the translation quality shouldn't be too limited by technical issues.  When the final version of the English patch is finished, I'll try to organize and release all of my notes and source code.

I'll be sure let everyone know if anything important happens.

Just tell all your friends about the game and how they are going to have to play it...until then, they can spend a few months trying to beat the bomb diffusion sequence in Policenauts...


oh man i'm so glad theres actually something going on about this.
thanks for the update and the work of all people involved! :thumbsup:


I havent been back here since the summer! how goes the battle?


hope you guys are still working on this project! if not can someone help me find the ROM to this game? i would love to at least play it for a while even if its in japanese.

also is this project going to be in color? i can understand if its not in color i just though it would be cool if it was just as if "we" fans were making a DX out of it lol.


As for color, I wouldn't count on it. It know it takes a rather large amount of work on top of the translation.

EDIT: I apologize if the last comment mislead anyone to believe I'm part of this project. I'm not.
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I hope I'm not doing anything really stupid in my first post..

So.. Is this project still alive? I'm very interested in this game so it would be nice to know if I can look forward to it or just proceed with my crying to sleep.



I figured more people have heard of this game than actually seen it, so I made a short video of the first few minutes of the work in progress patch:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uaBHoN6GGo

There's still a lot of work left (especially with Text spacing), but things are progressing smoothly so far.


Quote from: 1983parrothead on February 19, 2009, 02:46:38 AMryanbgstl, if you are going to translate this game, and if you see anything that sounds like profanity in it, please replace them with euphemism.
I'd just like to register extreem opposition to this suggestion. If you're going to translate something, translate it accurately. The last thing we need is more NoA-esque crap translations. (Not to mention the mangling done to much anime. Arg.)
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Though it would be more consistent with the release date of the game (if this game is to be considered related to Link's Awakening).
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^Would say it'd be pretty neat if it maintained a somewhat authentic, "Licensed", feel through out the entire thing. Could indeed also be pretty neat if someone did the "DX" treatment later down the line too, but I guess there is still no simple and reliable way to do that (not to mention the additional time it'd take to assign each and every tile in the game with a new palette).

Quote from: ryanbgstl on March 27, 2010, 05:09:01 PM
I figured more people have heard of this game than actually seen it, so I made a short video of the first few minutes of the work in progress patch:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uaBHoN6GGo

Awesome to see you're still going strong on this one, by the way. Looking good!

How are you planning on tackling the jumbo font, by the way? Dunno how much the entire game uses it, but for the little tinkering I once did, I quickly tossed together huge squish-tiles to more or less make them very comic book-ish (POW!), but I guess if they appear too frequently (and in a wide variety of ways) there might not be enough space to do 'em all in such a way.

Either way, keep up the good work. Looking forward to see how it turns out.


The Jumbo text I haven't completely decided on yet, but I'm thinking of making it similar to what you did in your hacking experiments.  There should be enough space for the appropriate English letters that will be needed.

Also, I don't know why people keep talking about censorship,  there's not really much to censor, anyway.  Of the first 500 lines, I only saw maybe one or two that Nintendo would have had a problem with (other than some religious/spiritual sounding phrases too like "Holy Power").  I mean, most of the place names are types of dessert...


Ah. Neat @ there being enough space for plenty o' jumbo font action.

I'm still not sure why people are so incredibly picky about the censorship topic. I guess it's the fact that the rating boards and publisher guidelines aren't breathing down someone's neck (when it comes to fan-translations) that makes people be so aggressive about things. Or maybe it's just that people don't like to embrace change or something...? So if they heard from a friend of a friend of a cow that spoke to a horse that once was a donkey who was phone that said the game originally dropped an f-bomb instead of a slightly more friendly and colorful "fiddlesticks" (which they got), they'll somehow feel "cheated" and almost like their trust's been violated and abused in broad daylight ... or something ... and thus feel entitled to get ... something back or some sort of compensation or maybe even a public apology...? (Beats me!)

Personally, as I said before, I prefer the slightly more authentic feel (while taking advantage of the time available to work on polishing things). If something is mainly intended for a specific target audience/platform, there's gotta be a good and justifiable reason for any straying away from the restrictions that comes with the target audience/platform.

Anyway, don't mind my random rambling about translation philosophies and stuff. :laugh: