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Started by ryanbgstl, October 09, 2008, 12:22:08 PM

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean (I have no hacking experience so...), you're saying it has to be redone from scratch? But you fixed the wuit to suit part? If you're saying it has to be done from scratch I guess there is a benefit to that as it would mean checking the translation more thoroughly. But then you said you fixed that typo so I'm a bit confused. Anyway, good job! Seems like we're getting somewhere already :D


Hey! What I meant was, the Dialog Editor program is missing a text file that contains the English translation. So, the dialog editor only shows the Japanese text since it's using the Japanese ROM, and you'd have to re-translate it from scratch if you want to use the editor program.

However, you can ALSO manually edit an already patched and translated English ROM using the hex codes I included - basically, you could search for '84 81 70 8A' in the patched ROM using a hex editor program, change it to '80 81 70 8A' and save - when you run the game, it would then say 'suit' instead of 'wuit'.
That way is more tedious, but it can be done on a Macintosh as well as Windows, without using the dialog editor.

**84 81 70 8A isn't the exact hex code for wuit - I'm too lazy to look it back up, haha

**To give more details about the Dialog Editor's crash, it creates a dictionary of letters by loading images in the /Graphics folder. Each image has one letter, so the program creates an index using the first letter of the file name (A.jpg, b.jpg, etc).
The symbol for a (heart), however, is called "GON.jpg", which becomes "G" in the program and causes a crash due to a duplicate key. You can probably remove the GON.jpg and have it run normally - you'd have to add another special case if you want to edit the code (like he already used for question.jpg and a few others).


Ahh I see. Well that would be useful for typo fixes, a version 1.1 perhaps. Though I do think a lot of the translation may need to be looked at again. Fixing up grammar that just doesn't really work. I mean for the most part it did seem okay, I was enjoying the game but there were definitely sentences which seemed a little off (sorry can't think of examples though I did see a video on youtube of after the credits, a few sentences that didn't really make sense).

I propose a 1.1 patch, fixing up typos, 1.2 fixing up the title screen and 2.0 massive text overhaul. That's how I would prioritise things anyway :)

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Hey, I sent you a personal message USC, but I'm not sure if it has sent because nothing is appearing in my sent messages. Let me know if you got it please :) thank you


Hey Scapetti. Yes, I received your message - I'm rather busy right now so I'll try to respond in the next day or two.
In the meantime, you might consider documenting all the typos and changes you've noticed in your playthroughs. :)


Problem is I am British so I fear I will start correcting American as British... haha. Which wouldn't be TOO big of a problem but it would be weird to have both American English and British English combined.

Apart from the things I already mentioned and Sable to Sablé. I have also come across that according to this: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/ForTheFrogTheBellTolls Dr. Arewo Stein or Dr. Arewostein is supposedly named Dr. Knit in this translation due to text limitations. Could this be fixed with the expanded rom? Then also this page gives him a slightly different name: http://www.mariowiki.com/Arewo_Shitain-hakase

And now I've just checked the wiki page for the game (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaeru_no_Tame_ni_Kane_wa_Naru) and it says the translation calls him Dr. Knitt Witt (I haven't got to this bit so I don't know if it's this or Dr. Knit). Is this name appropriate for him? It's a pun on words sure but it seems quite different from the original.

The mariowiki says the name is a pun on "I want to do that!" So maybe something like Dr. Ivan Douthat would be more appropriate. But that would only be if that is what the pun really is meant to be. I don't speak Japanese so I don't know. And I don't know if they ever gave him an official English name in Wario Land 4. What do you think? Dr. Ivan Douthat sounds good to me but I only think it should be changed if it's closer to the Japanese version. And if they haven't already given him an official English name


I'm not familiar with the technical details of the project, but I thought the ROM was expanded for the translation. If it wasn't, then I'm assuming the script had to be edited down to fit in the ROM. I don't doubt the quality of the translation because I've worked with the person who translated it, but I can get in touch with her and see if she can shed any light on the subject.


I have the expanded rom now so no worries about that! If anyone needs it let me know but I can't link to it here for obvious reasons. Thank you Pennywise though, getting in touch with people who worked on the translation is definitely helpful :)


And why should it be Sablé, do the katakana say so? Does it mean anything?
In the end I thought the hero is "Prince of Sable" because he has somewhat darker skin; and if you examine his sprite closely you can see he differs from the others.
O racist me!


Hey, I've just found a playthrough (couldn't you?):

The video begins with the dialogue I mentioned. Firstly, 'afright' is a really bad mistake, something between afraid and frightened, your choice -- after that it should be young'un instead of youg'un.

I also mentioned how the shopkeeper replacing Riding Hood exhibits the same speech impediment. I was unsure of it really being a mistake, I guess it's supposed to be mockery. But then again, why would he do that if he's pretending to be a good guy?


You are right, the word is affright but I'm not sure if a person can even look affright. Youg'un is just bad. This is the kind of thing that makes me lose confidence in the rest of the translation :( Thanks for the reference video!


But that is really as bad as it gets. Apart from these I felt it was about perfect; it made sense and was understandable.
I can confidently say that there were these three major jarring typos, and if(!) there were any others they must have been so harmless that they easily escaped me.

I wonder why this example surprises you just now and worsens your estimation of the overall work. I mean, you said you played the game, what did you actually notice(supposedly grammar-wise)? You have to be more concrete.


I have far from finished it, I'm glad these are the only typos you have found but typos and accurate translation are different things, so while something could read correctly it still might not be appropriate. But as I said in a previous post, typos should be a 1.1 patch, title screen adjustment should be 1.2 patch and then if need be I would like someone of ability to double check the translation, but this is a long term goal :) As, for example, I'm not particularly fond of the name Dr. Knitt Witt and would like to know where that came from. It does not seem anything like the original.

Not being able to speak Japanese myself, it simply makes me wary that the rest of the translation could be off in places. That's all, I definitely think this is a very good effort and I am glad this translation exists. I just think it could do with a few improvements, as even the creator said himself.. it's not perfect, and you can vouch for that with the typos you've found :)

Heck, I'd be mostly happy if just the title screen was fixed, the typos and Sable changed to Sablé. The other things are minor! And having not finished the game myself, with those two typos next to each other it just made me worry is all, that there could be lots more, but you've said yourself that's it now so this is good! Thanks for letting us know :)

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Okay, so you say there are only three major typing errors but to me the whole thing seems a little iffy. None of it feels right from the start! There is a big problem with punctuation, too, many, commas. Also, things like "the Princess's plight" not only do I think that should be "princess" but it should be princess' not princess's. Same goes for when they mention "the Prince". This happens a lot. Also "Why not stay here and practice your fencing?" That should be practise, not practice. Practice is the noun and practise is the verb. "How dare he!" Should be a question mark. "It's here our story begins!!" That just doesn't sound quite right... "Our story begins here!" would be better or "This is where our story begins!" But not "it". "Are you here to help, too?" Not sure why there is a comma there. "Hey...you're", there should be a space after "..." "naive" should be "naïve". "Can you save the Princess alone? Let me give you this diary." Now that DEFINITELY isn't right... It surely should be "You can't save the princess alone. Let me give you this diary."

Honestly, I could go through the whole thing but it is TOO much. This all happens at the start of the game before you've even had your first battle. That's how I feel about it... this is why I think it could do with a massive text overhaul. Sure it is playable right now but it is not perfect, far from it. This great little game deserves more I think :(

Edit: Also, why is that kid giving the prince wine to restore his health? I feel like we need some appropriate localisation there!


For what it's worth, here's a patch with the original typos you mentioned (wuit to suit, afright, youg'un to scared, young'un, Sable to Sablé)

Get it here

The title screen in the English version is uncompressed with no repeated tiles (excluding half of the bell, which doesn't affect the wording) and found at 4D770. There are tile editors for the Macintosh, should you feel like editing it further.

If you really want to re-translate the whole thing, I'd be happy to extract the script for you to look over.

Edit: Looking at your last post, some of the problems are related to American English versus the rest of the world. :)
Practice is used as both a noun and a verb, naive is an accepted way of writing the word (as is princess's), and the commas are a style choice. "How dare he!" is a statement of outrage, not a question.

...I do agree that "Can you save the Princess alone? Let me give you this diary." is more of a literal translation.


Hey thanks, I will message the graphic guy from the original patch in regards to the title screen :) maybe he can also fix up the name creation screen as well as the e with the accent for sablé appearing a little lower than the other letters


Hey, I'm not sure what all changes still need to be made, but I fixed the title screen and made a better naming screen. For those interested, the naming graphics start at 0x4F599 and the letters that get added to the player's name are at 0xB7D7.

Here's a zip with the patches. USC, I hope I was supposed to use your patch on the translation, 'cos that's what I did. Things worked in the 3 minutes or so that I played of it to test things. If the patch was s'pposed to be on the JP version, let me know and I can get my changes on that instead. The zip linked below has patches for the JP version and for USC's.



Hooray! Looks great :) Very well done! I'm not sure about other changes either, honestly the main things have been fixed. I did mention a few other things before but I fear my British English is getting in the way. Perhaps the Doctor's name could be changed also as per my suggestion but it is up to whoever does the hacking really, if they think it is worth the effort or if they think it is indeed a change that should be made. But I am happy with it at the moment :) The minor thing about the é being two pixels too low though which I messaged you on reddit about. That's the only thing glaring at me right now


Quote from: Scapetti on March 12, 2016, 08:13:49 PMEdit: Also, why is that kid giving the prince wine to restore his health? I feel like we need some appropriate localisation there!

OK, and what do you propose they replace it with? Grape juice? Because not only is wine literally grape juice, but grape juice ferments naturally, meaning all grape juice will eventually turn into wine.

Even the Zelda series has had explicitly alcoholic drinks. It's not that big of a stretch.


Quote from: Midna on March 31, 2016, 02:06:02 AM
OK, and what do you propose they replace it with? Grape juice? Because not only is wine literally grape juice, but grape juice ferments naturally, meaning all grape juice will eventually turn into wine.

Even the Zelda series has had explicitly alcoholic drinks. It's not that big of a stretch.

Grape juice is a wonderful idea and something I think many other games have done in the localisation process for wine. The sprite doesn't need to be changed. When has the Zelda series explicitly mentioned alcoholic drinks? I know Earthbound in particular changed beer to coffee. I don't think they would have a main health item as wine in America because it encourages a lot of heavy drinking and the whole legal age thing. Grape juice is implicit and works I think.


Hey Artemis251! Yeah, feel free to use my changes as a base if it's helpful. I will say that I forgot to fix the checksum on mine, but as long as you did that on your patch, it should be good.

Scrapetti, the accented 'e' is lower down than the others because all letters have to fit in an 8 by 8 grid of pixels. The accent mark takes up space, so in order for the 'e' to remain the same size and shape, it has to be moved down a line.
You could move most of the other letters down, but then the 'g', 'p', 'q', and 'y' would all be raised up in comparison. You *could* create a vertically variable width font system and place an accent mark over a regular 'e'... but considering the word Sable appears six or seven times, I can't say it'd be worth it.