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Author Topic: Utilities: SBW Classic 2.5.0 Alpha Released  (Read 4324 times)


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Utilities: SBW Classic 2.5.0 Alpha Released
« on: August 04, 2008, 05:16:50 pm »

Update By: VectorMan

SBW Classic, the successor of SMD BIN WIN, is a SEGA Genesis ROM converter supporting the three most common Genesis ROM formats: SMD, Binary, and MD.


  • Batch conversion
  • Conversion canceling
  • Six conversion types
  • Update checker
  • Based on SMD BIN WIN 2.0b RC2 source code
  • Invalid ROM detection

Features Coming Soon:

  • Language pack support

Why an upgrade?

I decided to reorganize the code, clean things up, make it easier to use, and add in some features I missed the first time around. Most notable changes are the Update Checker, and two more conversion methods (SMD to MD and MD to SMD).

Please Note: This is an alpha release, which means it may not be very stable, and it may not work as expected on all machines and under all conditions. However, I have done a lot of testing and have found that the most common conversion methods worked flawlessly on my computers. But remember to keep a copy of your ROM files handy just in case something goes wrong. Please report any bugs you may find to the bug tracker (read the readme for more information).

Get the download here: SBW Classic Download Page

Relevant Link: (

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Re: Utilities: SBW Classic 2.5.0 Alpha Released
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2008, 02:40:49 pm »
Awesome! SMD BIN WIN has been my MD tool of choice for a while now.

The "alpha" portion of SBW kinda has me leery though, so I think I might hold off on switching for another release or two. Keep me informed! :)