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Where to get ROMs

Started by Nightcrawler, January 31, 2006, 01:34:40 PM

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We do not want our forums cluttered with new people constantly asking where to get them, so we are presenting this nice sticky post to you to answer your question.

Because we're already providing the answer here, we will be twice as upset to see posts in our forum asking where to get them! So, read this guide.  If you have trouble with the information here, that's too bad.  We really don't want to hear it.  You should be able to find ROMs BY YOURSELF and should consider yourself very lucky we're even providing this topic for you! When in doubt, USE GOOGLE!

1.) HTTP Web Pages + FTP Servers - The easiest, yet fairly annoying way to get ROMs is to go to some standard web ROM sites.  You can search Google to find many sites. You can also search for FTP sites that contain ROMs.

2.) P2P(Peer to Peer) - You can find ROMs on almost any P2P network with almost any P2P software.  Use google to search for and find P2P software and networks. We recommend:

3.) You can also find ROMs on IRC Networks.  Use Google to learn about what IRC is, how to get onto it, and how to obtain files via fserves. Software we recommend:

4.) You can also find ROMs in Direct Connect(DC) protocol hubs.  Use Google to learn about what Direct Connect(DC) is, how to get into hubs, and how to obtain files. Software we recommend:

5.) Bittorrent - You can also find ROMs via Bittorrent.  Use Google to learn about what Bittorrent is, available clients, and how to use torrent files. Software we recommend:

There are just SOME of the many ways you can obtain ROMs.  This is more than enough information to point you in the right direction. It's your responsibility to do some searching and research and learn how to use the software and methods we've described to you.  If you are still unable to find any ROMs, we are not willing to help you any further.

NO ROM REQUESTS in the forums! Thank You.

-Nightcrawler Admin
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