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Author Topic: Utilities: vSNES 2.85  (Read 4090 times)


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Utilities: vSNES 2.85
« on: March 06, 2006, 07:26:50 am »
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Update By: creaothceann

Version 2.85 has been released. Changelog:

  • SRC: added support for IPS files
  • SRC: fixed a bug in the main window's display of shifted values (eg. CGAddB)
  • GUI: fixed code and GUI to scale better according to the current DPI setting
  • GUI: fixed some issues with HexViewer's rendering
  • GUI: added checkbox to control updating of the main lists
  • GUI: added button for using DirectColor on regular and Mode7 BGs
  • GUI: removed black outline on blurred screens by copying the adjacent pixels
  • GUI: adjusted updating the 8-bit and 16-bit images so that switching appears seamless
  • GUI: set checking of ZST headers to enabled by default
  • GUI: separated memo component for cartridge extensions into its own groupbox

Staff Note: As always, you can find the executable and source mirrored on this site.

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