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Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei 1 & 2

Started by ddstranslation, March 31, 2008, 12:53:50 AM

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Quote from: Pennywise on August 13, 2014, 03:25:24 PM
The game refers to them as Nakajima and Yumiko despite what be considered proper and consistent. I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal where it needs to be changed.

The thing I wonder is if they are referred that way in the novel.

A bit off topic but the other strange thing the FC version does is to only give the total EXP for Nakajima and amount needed for level-up for Yumiko. I wonder why?
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Quote from: ddstranslation on August 13, 2014, 11:09:50 PM
Are you using the latest patch? That one should have the correct spelling for that dialogue. I went back to check on items and names that were spelled explicitly without actually looking them up from the monster or item list, though it's always possible that I missed some.

It should be, but who knows. I've lost track a bit ._.;

Anywho, I've beaten MTI! Aside from the ending bits, nothing too bizarre happened while in the last stretch of the game. I'll work my way through MTII now. If needed, I will probably do a second run of the first game to weed anything strange out. But in a casual playthrough, I managed just fine. Thank you for allowing us to experience this game!




By the way, is this using modern ATLUS USA standards for demon names, races and such?
For example, Tyrant instead of Maou, Fallen instead of Datenshi and so on.




So, I've finally dug into Megami Tensei 2 a few days ago. I've patched the game with the latest version (the one that DDStranslation sent me via PM), however I had some problems (ranging from minor to major) which I'm going to list here.

Some demons' stats can get messy.

The Big & Small minigame is missing the background and the timer.

Also related to B&S: some items, such as Magic Source and Metal Card don't appear in my inventory at all.

I've backed up a rom with the previous version of the patch and the missing background problem with B&S seems to be fixed, however I still don't have some items.
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I decided to make an account here to say if there's any bugs. So far, I've just beaten Medusa and explored the shop areas of Bien in Megami Tensei! I really like the patch so far; it's really well done!

However, I did notice some odd things with my game (SNES9X, with patch 10):

The first is that there appears to be a problem with the save screen:

The second is that Dor is missing some punctuation:

And the last one is that the Big and Small background is missing, but I'm sure you already know about that. Anyways, keep up the good work!




I've been playing through both MTI and MTII in SNES9x, and have come across a handful of bugs in MTII.

Most notably, the Royal Castle teleport bugs seem to prevent completion.




On the topic of translation, I've noticed that Tentarafoo is translated as Tentarafu in Megami Tensei.




Quote from: ddstranslation on August 16, 2014, 08:58:21 PM
Would you be able to post your save file so that I may try out these bugs? It's likely that I did not account for all possible cases of the teleports, though I had only tested it by enabling and disabling locations in memory. I'd like to run through your save and see what I missed.

The "Divine" name had a missing tag at the end, so it ran over into the next entry. That will be a simple fix.

The shop dialogue, I had put placeholder text since I thought I had pointed all of the text to the correct location. I was obviously wrong and will have to re-investigate that.

The shop items seem to run over because I had miscalculated the length of the name "Metal Boots". This is actually a good reminder for me to go back and verify the item lists. I had changed a few of the items' names, and forgot to adjust the way to display them properly.

Thank you for the report, I will try to have these fixed and release a newer update.

*Edit: I believe I have fixed all of the issues except for the Royal Castle one, which I can't seem to replicate on my machine (though I'm actually noticing other problems with it now as well). If you're not able to post a save, could you tell me which locations you had unlocked?

Here's the save file and two save states at the royal castle. After going back and saving, the Mountain of Horror teleport is working, but the Remote Island is still broken and takes me to a different place. The first save state is before saving, the second is after.

Edit: Scratch that, I wasn't paying enough attention. The Mountain of Horror teleport no longer took me to a garbled mess, but it went to the first area instead of its intended destination. Going back again caused it to take me to a new garbled mess.




Quote from: ddstranslation on August 17, 2014, 01:23:44 AM
Thank you very much. I've used your saves to test out my fixes and it even helped me find some further hidden problems with the store dialogue that I've now corrected. I will post a fix shortly.

*Edit: I've uploaded a new patch on the front page. Please try it out and let me know if there are any further problems. Thank you again for your help.

Just finished MTII, and it's definitely 100% playable. Only other errors I noticed were a couple minor things with the casino in Bael's Palace.




Not sure if this is a bug or it's just something unique to KMT, but healing a curse makes the previously equipped cursed item disappear, is this how it should be?

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Quote from: TrustworthyMastema on August 18, 2014, 10:22:58 PM
Not sure if this is a bug or it's just something unique to KMT, but healing a curse makes the previously equipped cursed item disappear, is this how it should be?
Disregard this, i switched to a clean rom and it still deleted the item, it's just early Atlus being a dick i guess.
But i found something wrong in KMT2, at floor 4 of the Ikebukuro dungeon there's a chest that says it gives you a Death's Scythe, but it actually gives you a SPD incense.




if you're still wanting to have all the spell names matched up with the official localizations, there's a couple differences i've seen (i'm not very far in yet):
Dorminal should be Dorminar
Bufulama should be Bufurama (similarly, if the other element spells use "-lama" they should be "-rama", but "-laon" should stay "-laon" rather than "-raon")

everything else so far looks good.  thanks for the hard work, we all appreciate the wonderful, quality job you've done :)