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Author Topic: Utilities: Chrono Trigger Text Editor V1.0  (Read 5406 times)


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Utilities: Chrono Trigger Text Editor V1.0
« on: March 01, 2006, 07:17:16 pm »
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Update By: Manaknight

I have updated my texteditor for Chrono Trigger to version 1.0. I hope that this will fix most errors. This will be the final version, as I have stopped the development of this utility).

What's new?
  • bugfixes
  • hopefully found all text dialogs
  • saving without compression not allowed
  • you can abort the manual compression optimization
  • optimized compression
  • optimized compression speed (both, best and fast method)
  • GUI doesn't freeze anymore
  • all actions can be arborted
  • byte input fixed (you can use {DF} for example)
  • saving projectfiles is now possible

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