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Translations: Wonder Project J2 V1.0

Started by RHDNBot, December 16, 2007, 11:48:18 AM

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Update By: Ryu

It's been several months since I last posted any news about this project.
Well, it's time to post some news again, and the reason is simple: it's done.
I've just made version 1.0 of my English Wonder Project J 2 (Nintendo64) translation available for download.
It can be called a complete patch, with the exception of a few graphics, everything's translated.
You can grab it over here.

I can't stress enough how important it is to read the readme.txt before you start playing.
N64 emulation is not quite like the emulation of platforms like the SNES. There is a lot
to know about the emulation, especially with this game. The readme should answer about
95% of the question you might have, so read it, your gaming experience will only profit from it.

So what else is to say? Those who've played the first game know what to expect.
The game mechanics are very similar. It's still a game that can get really tedious at times.
But they did improve some things, for example the whole annoying stat leveling is gone.
Also, you're now free to decide in which order you do things. You don't need to go through chapter after chapter
like in the predecessor.
And for those who haven't played the first game, fear not, having played it is not really necessary.
What kind of game is this? Some people may call this a RPG, but what it comes the closest to is a graphic adventure.
Overall, I can't really draw a comparison to any other game besides the first, but if you like the two anime
'Nadia the Secret of Blue Water' and 'Kiki's Delivery Service', you will love this game.

Well, that's all, I hope you enjoy the translation.

RHDN Wonder Project J 2 Page

Relevant Link: (



This is the first real N64 translation, the Sin & Punishment one only worked with texture packs.

Looking forward to try this out sometime.
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You kick ass, Ryu!

Hmm, looks like Wonder Project J went the Princess Maker route.  I'll get to playing this as soon as possible. 


Cool. The first game was pretty fun, and I've been horribly bored as of late so I'll most likely give this one a try.


Just so you guys know, while I was playtesting this game I found over a dozen typos(Probably over or around twenty). There's probably a good chance that I missed a few. So don't be surprised if you find some typos.


Great Job! It's always nice to see translation from another system instead of the SNES. :thumbsup:
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I remember reading about this series a while back... and wanting to try it out.

Awesome job Ryu! :thumbsup:
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Sounds cool. I remember playing the original and getting stuck halfway through.

By the way... what if I loved one of those animes but hated the other? 8p


Wow....pretty impressive accomplishment!  To thnk...this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential for fan translated stuff as far as the more modern stuff goes along with stuff like the Tales PSX project----can't wait to see what else comes out of the woodwork.

Who knows....another couple years and you might get to omit that part about N64 emulators being much more "special" to deal with than SNES and the like...heh.   8)

Congrats on this ambitious project.


Quote from: KaioShin on December 16, 2007, 12:21:01 PM

This is the first real N64 translation

Not many will follow... not many.

By the way... what if I loved one of those animes but hated the other?

Let me guess, you don't like Nadia. As long as like Kiki you will find something to like here as well.
But it would be a whole different deal if you hated Kiki (can you really hate that movie?), I wouldn't guarantee for anything in that case, seriously.


I remember reading about this game in Nintendo Power back in the day. It said something about having vocal input, like the PS2 game where you guide a waitress on a space station or something. Was that taken out of the game before release?

N64 emulators don't run satisfactorily for me, but nice work on translating this game.


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In Project 64 works very well without any modifications. Great!


Awesome work, this is one of only 3 N64 games i wish to see translated before i die... along with Bangai-O and Rakaguki Kids.


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This is truly amazing and a landmark moment for the ROMhack community.

Bravo to all involved!  :D


Quote from: snesmaster40 on December 18, 2007, 05:30:35 AM
Rakuga Kids came out in Europe

Ahh.. go figure... that reduces my wish list only to: Bangai-O FOR N64, as the Saturn (or was it Dreamcast?¿) emus dont run fine on my system.

Kyrael Seraphine

Dreamcast, and they're actually rather different games. The N64 version being far inferior, in my opinion. The bomb mechanic being based around the collection of fruit, rather than the Dreamcast's destruction.  Basically, bar builds as you destroy, allowing you to destroy more. Basic, but it works better in the context.

I can't say I really like the game, though. It's actually one of the few games I've sold.