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My NES Translation Projects

Started by Pennywise, October 06, 2007, 05:04:36 PM

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Chuuka's pretty much finished at this point. All that's left is the title screen and one stage title.

Got another project that might be finished quickly in Wawolf. So far so good.


Hey PW, what ever happened to the FDS Gyruss translation?


It's on hiatus. The font needs to be recompressed. I already have a recompressor for a variation so it could probably be modified to work with the game. If the compression is the exact same as the graveyard duck stuff, I could use that. But I don't really care too much, maybe in a year or two or maybe on a whim someday.


Ah that's too bad. I was expecting that one since it's about the only Gyruss game with an intro and ending.


Looks like it's been a few months, time for an update.

Finally finished Chuka Taisen. Working on putting all the release materials together and will be releasing it on Chinese New Years.

I've had several people contact me offering to translate various scripts. So far none of them have come through, but that's actually a good thing. It gives me the opportunity to focus on older projects I'd like to finish in the coming months.

So I've got about 4 active NES projects, 2 active GB projects, 1 active FDS project, and 1 active X68000 project.


Are you ever planning on doing SNES projects?


Time for an update. After what seems like forever, the JESUS translation is almost finished. I've still got to do some checking for the final part of the game, but otherwise it looks like the hacking is more or less complete. Looking forward to releasing what will probably one of my best translations I've worked on. I'm gonna shoot to release this thing by June. Still kinda sad we didn't make the Easter date though.

Also got a few surprise releases in the very near future.


Quote from: Pennywise on May 06, 2012, 06:38:04 PM
Still kinda sad we didn't make the Easter date though.

That would be so blasphemous! :D
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Quote from: Pennywise on May 06, 2012, 06:38:04 PMLooking forward to releasing what will probably one of my best translations I've worked on. I'm gonna shoot to release this thing by June. Still kinda sad we didn't make the Easter date though.

I'll do my part to make sure any remaining edits / translation issues are done by then.  I can always run through a beta to spot-check it, too.

Quote from: KingMike on May 06, 2012, 10:04:41 PM
That would be so blasphemous! :D
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Well, Jesus is finished and will be released this weekend. I'm also thinking of releasing Dirty Pair at the same time. Just gotta finish editing the translation to be more Dirty Pair-like even though the game is nothing like the movie or series.


Did some graphic hacking Erika and Satoru's Dream Adventure. Expanded the book from 12 to 14 characters which will make a modest difference in the translation. If I don't run into sprite limitations, I'll update the turning page animation that goes along with the book. Also hacked the chapter titles, but the most important thing is that translation is underway and will probably be finished very soon. The hacking looks to be a piece of cake for the most part and probably the most annoying and/or difficult part will be replacing the sprite animation title screen graphic.

Been learning me some GB Z80 ASM recently or at least getting more comfortable with it. Successfully converted a 6502 DTE routines into the GB's Z80. Turns out the game had quirks which my 6502 code didn't cover and I had to fly solo in making the necessary adjustments. So that allowed to fit all the text in one block and about 90% for another and having moved the last 10% to another bank. Now all that's mostly left is a lot of menu hacking.

Don't want to jinx things, but Metal Slader Glory is almost translated and I really should be working on that one. Although the fact that I can easily take advantage of the 1MB PRG-ROM with 24 bit pointers makes me feel confident that the game won't pose any space issues.


Figured I'd show off some Heracles screens detailing all the work that has gone into it.

First and foremost, the name hack. The game originally displayed the name on the same line as the text. This was a problem for names such as Aphrodite.

Then there's the item hack, which I already showed off earlier. In addition to hacking the item and equip screens, I also hacked the shops to display the prices a line below the items. This was necessary because some item names were too long and got in the way with the numbers. I'm proud to say that nothing will have to be abbreviated.

A double line hack for this particular text box which displays system messages originally on one line. Certain phrases like the screenshot and Item dropped/used were too long for one line and now fit comfortably.

The monster names could originally be only 11 characters max, but I have been able to extend them to 15 so that all the monster names fit within the limit.

One of the many screens featuring an expanded text box.

In addition to all these hacks, I added a DTE routine to compress the text. I've been able to get like 90% of the text back in and have relocated the remainder to another bank for a pending bank swap hack. Aside from that, I feel pretty confident that I've finished all my code hacks, but I'll have to play the game some more to find out.


Quote from: Pennywise on October 20, 2012, 09:47:18 PM
The monster names could originally be only 11 characters max, but I have been able to extend them to 15 so that all the monster names fit within the limit.

What if you moved the enemy quantity to the left of the name, rather than floating there on the far right? Might even allow for 16 characters that way (assuming there can only be up to 9 of one enemy at a time).


That blank spot is reserved for the cursor that selects monster groups. That screen has always been like that, albeit to a lesser degree, but Spider is one of the shorter names and with the longer names it won't be so bad.


I spent some time getting Hitler no Fukkatsu aka Bionic Commando into shape. Expanded the ROM, relocated half the script to another bank. There were also a bunch of weird issues pertaining to data I kinda ignored, which took me a while to sniff out. All in all, it's in good shape though, but my expansion code is a little hackish at this point. Not sure if I'll refine it yet or not.

Anyhow, there's still one relic from the 16x16 font routine that needs to be updated which has to deal with the max number of characters per screen. Also the title screen needs to be hacked, but that appears to use a similar routine as the 16x16 font. The tilemap is stored as 16x16 per byte which will need to be hacked down to 8x8 and the data relocated.

While I'm at it, the complete lack of control codes is incredibly annoying as the initial script need to be padded out so that the line occur properly. I had thought of adding in control codes, but I think it will be easier and better if I rewrite the script to keep the padding to a minimum.

Yeah, I think this game is about 95-99% hacked now.

While I'm at it I might as well reveal another project I'm working on.

Eien Ni Hen's working on the retranslation and I should mention that this project came about by her suggestion, so I think the final script is going to be nothing short of extraordinary. Second draft is still being worked on and the script has been described as one localization decision after another. Here's the intro.

On a semi-related note, you might notice that the fonts are the same for Bionic Commando and PT. That's a coincidence, but what isn't is that both games are very similar in certain aspects of data and code. Both games use a big ass 16x16 font that's remarkably similar, but varies slightly in minor aspect. Also the scripts are stored in a similar manner as well, but the main difference being PT's pointers are sequential and the text uses line breaks whereas BC uses normal pointers with no control codes whatsoever.


Well, I finished hacking Bionic Commando. Well, I still have to do the credits which I overwrote my state for. They use the same text routines as the rest of the text so it's just a matter of inserting the new data. And then there's the matter of the title screen which is hacked in, but the colors are currently wacky which I need to adjust for. Don't really like attribute table hacking. I'm hoping to pass this task off to someone else.

Anyway the details of the hack:

Expanded ROM with text split between banks for a complete script insertion.

Control codes added to the game. There's a byte that precedes the text that specifies the string length and since the biggest single byte can only be #$FF, this limited strings to this size. The problem was that some strings were quite a bit bigger than #$FF, so I changed it so to check for an [END] control code instead. Also if you have multiple screens of text, the text would only stop at a fixed point like when the screen is full. This made the text seem disjointed a bit in parts, so I added in a [WAIT] control code that stops the text when I want it to stop instead of having to fill the screen before the text will continue.

Now begins the internal playtesting and editing phase.

Incidentally, I beat the game before I finished my hacks and I wasn't able to find ever piece of text in the game. In fact they might actually be secret/hidden messages from the devs as one of the dev name pops up in said messages.

Also some of the items names don't really make sense. I was thinking of taking some liberties with them in fact. There the Pendant, which isn't a pendant, but a cross. There's Medicine which I was thinking of calling the Bionic Potion... Then there's the Wide Cannon and the 3-Way and based on their functions, I think the names might've been mixed up.


Cool! I can't wait to look at it.


Why retranslate Princess Tomato? Was the original translation that bad?
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