ROM Hacks: Never-before seen James Pond 3 lost levels!

Started by RHDNBot, November 19, 2023, 01:16:55 AM

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Update By: saxman

While doing research for an upcoming level editor for James Pond 3, some *extra* levels were stumbled upon. The Amiga AGA port didn't quite get cleaned up properly, because backups of some of the levels were included in the batch of files for the game. These files are never referenced by the game's code, so they are completely unused. But among these extra files were two that didn't look familiar, and yet are fully playable.

In James Pond 3: Lost Levels, the two unfamiliar maps have been ported back to the original Genesis version, replacing the game's first two levels for convenience. They aren't particularly long levels, but they are a glimpse into some of the content that was removed from the game during development.

In actuality, one of the maps was removed from the game in favor of Lair of the Mush-Beast. The story behind the other map is still unknown at this time, but it looks like it might not have been completed given the lack of enemies and the top of the level being completely open in a way that Finnius could easily get to parts of the map not intended to be reachable.


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