Manipulating a unique sound format for Devilman on PS1

Started by TussockyThree68, May 21, 2023, 05:35:31 AM

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I'm messing around with the PS1 Devilman game. I'm trying to replace the Japanese audio with English audio. (I know, I know, dubs suck. But since this game doesn't already have subtitles it would be really hard to add them). So far I have been able to extract the game's dialogue audio to .WAV files using PSOUND. This has allowed me to listen to all of the game's dialogue. What I need to do now is put the English audio back into Devilman's unique sound file format. The sound is held in a mysterious set of .B files. 8 of them to be exact. Somehow, PSOUND is able to extract the audio from these files. Sadly, jPSXdec doesn't know how to open them.
Weirdly, 2 of these .B files (SSTAKR.B and SSTAKRT.B) appear to contain all of the same sound clips. But when I compare them in HxD they seem to only be the same for part of the file. Most of the file doesn't match, despite the fact that the .WAVs extracted by PSOUND seem to be the exact same and both .B files contain exactly 270 WAV files. They're the same size too! Is this some weird obfuscation thing?
Anyway, I come here to ask if any romhackers know what might be up with these .B files. If somebody want to take a look at them I might be able to share the files, if that's not against the rules here, of course. What steps should be taking next to manipulate the .B files?   
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