ROM Hacks: Super Mario Bros X86 Island - Deep Hack Of Adventure Island Classic (NES)

Started by RHDNBot, June 20, 2023, 08:19:21 AM

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Update By: djkranoll

Enjoy a new hack of Adventure Island. For the first time, all levels have been changed in the game and Mario has become the main character in the best traditions of Chinese hacks. From mushrooms, The Italian plumber has switched to an egg diet.

Mario always saves the princess in the original Super Mario Bros story. Now Mario is searching for Miss Tina from The Adventure Island universe.

But Mario meets not only the enemies from The First Adventure Island Universe, but also the usual foes from the Mushroom Kingdom such as Bloopers, Shigai, Rex and many other classic enemies.

This Hack Features:

Best Mario sprite in Adventure Island Hacks history.
Interesting Mixed Level Design
Faster Gameplay
New Storyline

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